Exchange Project

Shandong normal university - South Korea yonsei university exchange student project registration notice.

According to the agreement reached between shandong normal university and yonsei university (former state campus), the exchange student project will be implemented in 2017 through consultation between the two parties. The specific content and requirements of the project are as follows:

1, a school profile, Yonsei University (Yonsei University) was founded in 1885, and Seoul national University, Korea University said South Korea three super-university (S.K.Y), South Korea's private University ranked first, ranked 86th in the world. It covers an area of about 960,000 square meters and has more than 40,000 students. Its business administration (South Korea's "business school") ranks first in South Korea. The school has three campuses, including the Seoul campus, the former state campus and the incheon campus.

2. Quota: 5

3. Duration of study in Korea: 1 academic year (September 2017 to August 2018)

4. Major in Korean studies: business administration.

5. Credit certification: shandong normal university acknowledges the credits earned by students during their study in Korea.

6. Expense description: (1) domestic and foreign tuition fees: according to the school exchange student policy implementation. (south Korean free tuition fee)

(2) room and board fee: self-care (dormitory fee: 2-3 people: 1 semester 820,000~1,120,000 won, 3-4 people: 1 semester 530,000~550,000 won, 3 people: 1,120,000 south Korean currency. There are slight changes in each semester. The above information is for reference only)

(3) other expenses: students are required to pay for admission fees, passport visa application fees, medical insurance premiums, travel expenses and other related expenses incurred by students for participating in exchange programs.

7. Application conditions:

(1) 2015 class of business school students (except students of sino-korean cooperation and sino-us cooperative education program)

(2) have certain English listening and speaking ability (English level 4 and above), can accept English teaching; Or have certain Korean listening and speaking ability, can accept Korean teaching.

(3) physical health.

(4) it does not violate the school-level records and is not restricted to outbound travel personnel.

8. Submission of materials:

(1) school of business school of shandong normal university students studying abroad (environment) application form (counselor's examination and signature)

(2) copy of foreign language certificate (not submitted)

10. Deadline: April 30, 2017.

11. Place of registration: office of the business school (fifth floor, yifu building)

Contact: Mr. Humphrey.

Telephone: 0531-86182770

12. Admission method: material audit and interview.