The Business School Of Shandong Normal University Has Made An Announcement On The Recruitment Of Outside Staff.

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The business school of shandong normal university has made an announcement on the recruitment of outside staff   
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To further strengthen the college staff team construction, improve the level of service for teaching and scientific research, according to the relevant regulations of the school, the school study, shandong normal university business school is now facing the public recruitment staff outside one, specific integrated management to undertake the project cooperation in running schools.

1. Recruitment conditions.

(I) basic requirements for recruitment.

1. To support the party's line, principles and policies, have a high ideological and political quality and theoretical accomplishment, abide by the law, and conduct good conduct.

2. Dedicated to work, strong sense of service, strong sense of dedication and sense of responsibility, strong sense of teamwork and dedication.

3. Aged 35 and below, healthy body and mind, love the job of school recruitment.

4. Full-time master degree or above, with corresponding degree.

(2) specific conditions for recruitment.

1. Professional requirements: economic management majors are preferred;

2. Fluent in foreign languages, able to communicate directly with foreign teachers. Experience in overseas study is a plus.

3. Under the same conditions, party members (including probationary party members) are preferred.

Ii. Recruitment procedures.

(I) registration time and method.

Within 15 days from the date of publication.

Please send your resume by email ( Note: send your resume at the same time, will be proof of identity, have made all of the qualification, degree certificate, graduates must provide employment recommendation table at the same time, has the professional competence of documents in PDF format package sent to the mailbox.

According to the registration situation, the recruitment team shall conduct qualification examination according to the information submitted by the interviewee, and confirm the list of first instance. Through preliminary examination of the personnel time to shandong normal university for on-site audit in accordance with the relevant provisions and the relevant written formalities, time and location will be further notice by the personnel department of shandong normal university website, on-site audit will be deemed abandoned automatically.

(2) qualification examination.

The qualification examination of the applicant is through the whole process of recruitment. Applicants should fill in and submit relevant personal information. If the relevant material information provided by the applicant is inaccurate, it will be disqualified if found.

(3) contents and methods of the examination.

Exams are divided into written tests and interviews.

1. The written test

The written examination is based on professional and post characteristics, and mainly tests the basic knowledge of the job requirements. The total score of the written test is 100, and the minimum qualified score line is set to 60. The written test results and the list of interviewees will be published after the written test. Time and place of written test.

Candidates who have reached the written test scores will be selected according to the recruitment plan and the position according to the written test scores from the high score to the low score of 1:3.

2. The interview

The interview takes the form of defense, mainly investigating the professional knowledge, business ability and comprehensive quality of the interviewees; The total score of the interview is 100, and the minimum qualified score line is 70, so that the qualified candidate can enter the examination scope.

At the end of the interview, the total score of the composite test will be made up of 50% of the written test score and the interview result. The score of the written test, the interview result and the total score were calculated to the double digits after the decimal point and rounded to the end. In the same recruitment plan, the applicant will have a total score, and the score will be determined by the score from high to low.

(4) examination of physical examination.

According to the job, according to the test of applicant overall, from high to low in 1:1. 5 determine into the scope of investigation, the proportion of the qualified personnel, according to the proportion of 1:1 jobs in physical examination scope. Inspection according to the actual situation, to access files, individual conversations, and other ways, mainly inspects its political ideology, moral quality, physical and mental health, professional ability, work achievements, aspiring post qualification, etc., and is in accordance with the provisions of the post qualifications to apply for personnel, to provide relevant information, material is true and accurate review. Inspect unqualified person not to hire.

The medical examination is organized according to the regulations, in the school designated hospital, according to the civil service employment examination standard. If the applicant fails to participate in the physical examination according to the prescribed time and place, it shall be deemed to have given up voluntarily. If the applicant is required to reinspect according to the regulations, it shall not be carried out in the original physical examination hospital. The reinspection can only be conducted once, and the result is subject to the reinspection conclusion.

(5) public employment.

For candidates who are qualified for examination, examination and physical examination, they are shown on the website of the school, and the public notice period is 7 working days. If there is no objection, the school shall sign a labor contract with the relevant unit, and the relevant treatment shall be carried out according to the relevant regulations of shandong normal university.

3. Contact and contact information.

Contact: Mr. Sui, contact number: 0531-86182774.

Business school of shandong normal university.

September 4, 2017