Business School Successfully Held The "Chuang Youth" Mock Defense Meeting

2017-10-20 Qin KeQiu Li YanBin. frequency

On October 20th, the business school held the "creative youth" simulation defense meeting in the room 508, yifu building, qianfoshan campus. The the, held by the business school and the real part of school of business, financial and accounting zheng road traffic and real estate management department li ying teacher invited as advisor, a total of 18 entrepreneurial team involved in the the

The real vibration check purple, minister before the meeting started to introduce the the "not scoring, not out of the principle of and submit paper plan, speech, exchanging views with mentor's plea process, and puts forward the reasonable control of time, as far as possible will be more time to communicate with tutors link precious opinion. 18 entrepreneurial team brought their wonderful entrepreneurial projects, put forward such as stars "public interest", "private ordering healthy growth" and "silver old club", "wardrobe culling division", "best best interest", "said", "wind culture", "youth dishes such as army" innovative business philosophy. Each group combination of well-made presentation, from their respective project in view of the user community, positioning in the market, price setting and profit mode has carried on the display, and with plenty of market research and questionnaire to prove the feasibility of the project and the advantage of the instructor. The two instructors praised the merits of each project and emphasized the deficiencies in cost, marketing, service scope and other aspects of the project and put forward valuable Suggestions. It is worth mentioning that this conference has more public welfare programs for the elderly and children, which reflects the strong sense of social responsibility of contemporary college students.

At this defense, the excellent defense of the 18 groups fully demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit of students in business school who dared to explore and dare to do so. At the same time, through the professional comments of the two instructors, each entrepreneurial project has been further improved on the basis of the original foundation, which has injected new vitality into the entrepreneurial activity of the business school.