The Business School Successfully Held The 2017 Track And Field Meeting

2017-05-21 frequency

The Business School Successfully Held The 2017 Track And Field Meeting

On May 21, the business school successfully held the 2017 track and field sports meeting on the track and field of qianfoshan campus. Business school party secretary liu changlun, business school dean xia tongshui and business school all attended the opening ceremony. Chen zhao, deputy party secretary of the business school, presided over the opening ceremony.

As the annual event of the business school, the track and field sports meet is highly valued and strongly supported by the college leaders, teachers and all the students. In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the college specially invited the students of the college of sports to serve as the referee and to collect the referees' volunteers for the whole college. Business school undergraduates, graduate students and Korean students are actively participating in the games.

The sky is clear, the breeze is gentle. After the national anthem singing, accompanied by high passionate athletes march, the national flag guards will be permitted, referees and units of professional grade undergraduates, graduate students and students parade, with tall and straight posture and forceful, lined up in turn to accept stage inspection. Then, the dean of business school gave the opening speech, the referee's representative and the athlete's representative took the oath respectively.

The games are divided into three major categories: field events, competitions and interesting projects. With a short, bright shot, the men's 100m preliminary final kicked off the games. Then, sports events took turns. The women's 100-meter, 4x100m relay, men's 1500-meter race track and long jump, high jump, lead ball and other field events are well organized. The whole track jollification, chants, the athletes indomitable, high morale interpretation of "swifter, higher, stronger" spirit of sports, makes a wonderful game, colorful. The audience member is waving the banner and Shouting, the scene atmosphere is hot. Among them, the women's 4x100m relay, the men's 4x100m relay, the men's 200m and the shot put project broke the school record. Next, the faculty and students will carry out the fun sports competition separately. In the first three projects of football, tennis relay and five people, the teachers have cooperated with each other, and they have not only completed the competition excellently, but also improved their tacit understanding. In the jump rope and the train project, students rely on accumulated experience and team spirit to complete the competition. At the closing ceremony, after the performance project, the teacher's representative read out the group award and the spiritual civilization unit award. After the fierce competition, the 16 financial management majors are the top of the women's group, the total score of the men's group and the top of the group. At last, the party secretary of business school Liu Changlun for the closing speech, conference held victory over games and the excellent result of the athletes expressed warm congratulations, and puts forward new requirements and expectations for all students. At this point, the 2017 track and field meeting of the business school has been successfully concluded.

The successful convening of the 2017 track and field games in the business school is an important step for business schools to respond to the country's efforts to strengthen the construction of sports culture on campus. The sports meeting not only achieved the goal of strengthening physical fitness, enriched the cultural connotation of the college, but also laid the foundation for welcoming the party's 19th grand opening in a good spirit. The outstanding performance of all the teachers and students, the institute shows the indomitable spirit, positive, healthy, vibrant, reveals the pursuit of excellence, the spirit of transcending oneself quality, to cultivate all-round development of comprehensive business talents.

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