The Business School Holds The Grand Graduation Ceremony For The Class Of 2017

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The Business School Holds The Grand Graduation Ceremony For The Class Of 2017

On June 26, the business school held the 2017 graduates' graduation ceremony in the auditorium of qianfoshan campus. All business school leaders, teachers, students, class of 2017 and some parents of graduates attend this graduation ceremony, which is presided over by Chen zhao, deputy secretary of the party committee of the business school.

At the beginning of the ceremony, graduates in all kinds of academic gowns came in orderly and eagerly awaited. Accompanied by the impassioned music, the college leadership and all the teachers entered the north gate of the auditorium, and the audience burst into applause. The ceremony kicked off with a solemn national anthem. Liu changlun, secretary of the party committee, read out the list of outstanding graduates of shandong and shan university. The leaders of the college issued certificates in turn for the students of the provincial outstanding graduates. Next, liu lina, the vice President, read out the decision on granting graduate degrees and graduation. Later, the ceremony entered the degree awarding ceremony. The 2017 graduates of the business school will take the stage in the professional order, and each professional teacher will give them graduation certificates, make heads of ears and take photos with them.

With a warm welcome, the dean of business school, xia tongshui, delivered a speech. He gave a brief introduction to the development of the business school, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the teachers for their hard work, the four years of students' efforts and the dedication of parents. Then, he cited Mr. Ji xianlin's "eighty lyric" to discuss the topic of life growth and dream with his classmates, which aroused strong resonance in the scene. The wonderful speech of the President of xia, won the standing ovation on the scene. Then, China and South Korea South Korea international business school dean YuDaGen made a speech on stage, he first of all thank you for school teachers and classmates, and expressed the feeling of his university as well as the expectations of the students, I hope you learn in school with knowledge and knowledge, to make a contribution to society. He wishes you all the way forward, the future life will be more substantial, in the road ahead of the star bright. Zhang wei, a teacher of the tourism management department of the business school, delivered a speech. His language is humorous and humorous, full of deep feeling and blessing. He mainly focuses on "three sharing" and "three persistence", stressing that he should share with his parents, share with his Alma mater and share with his friends. Finally, Mr. Zhang expressed his heartfelt wishes to all of you, wishing everyone a happy life. Then, outstanding graduate business school Dong Yiyun to speak, he first institute of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving teacher have turned up, the school of mind, language sincere and touching, reminded the bit memories of the university. He is going to leave the classmates expressed don't give up and blessing, and to the Alma mater, on behalf of the business school class of 2017 graduates make a solemn promise, promise in China, in the world, are all good there will be a mountain division of business school students. The ceremony culminated in a moving music, with representatives of the graduating class working with the dean to seal a 10-year wish bottle and leave their dreams and expectations at their Alma mater.

The graduation ceremony went to the next stage, and the whole staff enjoyed the elaborate video for the graduates. Video record graduates four years study life in dribs and drabs, from the huan to nostalgia, not at first sight from young ignorant to mature steady, good time, lead the graduates back to university recall youth spent in school. The graduates are already in tears. The graduation ceremony came to a close in the business school choir's soulful farewell.

The sky is clear, the breeze is smooth, the group is good, few long salty set. School graduation ceremony of the success of the institute of not only shows the positive, healthy and youthful spirit, demonstrated the spirit of the pursuit of excellence quality, but also expressed the business school for graduate students wishes, for the 2017 graduate school of business, study on the life period, hope they sailed, bright prospects in the future life.

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