Business Schools Warmly Welcome Freshmen To School

2017-09-03 School of business frequency

Business Schools Warmly Welcome Freshmen To School

   On September 3, the business school launched the welcome work in the east square red square of qianfoshan campus, warmly welcome the freshmen to enter the school in 2017. President tang bo visited our hospital in dongfang red square and talked with the leaders of business school and new parents. Dean, vice President of the summer with water, li ping, secretary of the communist youth league, vice secretary of party committee Chen Zhao, Tian Haihua, head of the department of business school departments such as leadership and school fellow instructors attended the orientation events, all members of the business school student and part of the student volunteers also make contributions to the new work smoothly.

After the busy preparation work, at 7 a.m., the freshman registration session officially begins. With the good command of the leaders and the timely guidance of the staff, the entire freshman registration process is orderly and orderly. Freshman in outfield panel view their number, after scanning for ba to carry the relevant materials to the school of business, pay cost, validation notice, to charge admission ticket, student files and group relations, collect water report card, IC card, instructions, etc. After the registration process, led by volunteers new south for bedding and dormitory key to the auditorium, and accompanied by the new arrived dorm, volunteers diligent hardships and stand hard work, meticulous service to faster transition into new business school family. Unlike previous years, dormitory key after a report by the independent get volunteers distributed in person, instead to avoid accidentally lost the happening of the accident, such as military training at the same time the required lift by volunteers in advance for the new students placed in the dormitory, also make the whole orientation process more scientific and convenient.


It is worth mentioning that the staff is considerate to take photos of freshmen and business school boards and banners, leaving behind precious images, while leaving a good memory for the students. Counselor Yang lu actively suggests that freshmen and parents take photos together and leave unique memories. Another bright spot is a small gift made by the student union for the 2017 freshman class -- a wooden bookmark engraved with famous quotes, and an exquisite and meaningful statement that represents the business school's great expectations for new life. Chen zhao, deputy party secretary of the business school, said: "compared with previous years, this year's welcome work has been improved and featured. We work with some businesses to provide new students with tote bags filled with our new brochures, advertising them and promoting us. Although we have improved a lot this year, we still have deficiencies and we should continue to improve.

The rigorous and meticulous work attitude of the business school has left a deep impression on the freshmen and the parents, and the service and guidance of the staff are highly praised by everyone. The party committee and youth league committee of the business school attached great importance to the new work. After a long period of preparatory work, and the cooperation of all the teachers and classmates, it was a great success.

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