PhD Training

1. Training objectives.

Education is a high-level creative talent in teaching and scientific research. The core of its cultivation is knowledge innovation and the achievement of creative research through scientific research. A doctoral candidate should have the following conditions:

1. A good grasp of the basic principle of marxism, adhere to the party's basic line, love the motherland, law-abiding, good character and style of study is rigorous, strong dedication and dedication, actively serve the socialist modernization construction.

2. On this subject to master a solid broad deep specialized knowledge, basic theory and system with independent engaged in scientific research work, presided over large-scale scientific research, technological development projects, or the ability to solve the problem of economic and social development in China, made creative achievements in scientific or technical expertise.

3. With rigorous academic attitude, good academic style and realistic, independent thinking and innovative scientific spirit. With a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, good moral quality and academic accomplishment, physical and mental health.

4. Master at least one foreign language, be able to read the foreign language materials of the major, have the ability of writing the paper and the language ability of international academic exchange.

2. Years of study.

The length of study of doctoral students is 3 to 6 years, and the length of study of on-the-job doctoral students is not less than 4 years. The study period of graduate students in graduate school is 5 to 6 years.

3. Research direction.

1. Enterprise operation and quality engineering.

2. Industrial organization and knowledge management.

3. International investment and decision-making.

Iv. Course setup and credits.

The doctoral program of our school adopts credit system, and the total credits are not less than 14 credits.

Marxist theory course: Chinese marxism and contemporary, 1 door, compulsory, 2 credits (36 hours); Selections of classic marxist works, 1, elective, 1 credit (18 hours)

First foreign language, 2 doors, compulsory, 4 credits.

Degree courses, 3 credits per door, required, at least 6 credits.

Non-degree courses, 2 credits each, at least 2 credits.

The first foreign language is English, and the second foreign language is optional. The first foreign language is non-english, and the second foreign language is required.

(see the teaching schedule for details)

5. Training session.

1. In the third semester after the admission of doctoral students, the comprehensive assessment of doctoral students should be conducted in all disciplines. To review the examination situation of various courses of doctoral students, and assess the students' ability to master professional basic theory, knowledge level of discipline and analysis and problem solving. In the comprehensive assessment, doctoral students should submit 2 papers (not less than 4000 words per word), one of which is a review and the other one is a research paper. (the above paper is not required to be published in the journal). A qualified candidate may continue to study for a doctorate.

2. Before writing the dissertation, the doctoral candidate must determine his dissertation topic on the basis of literature review and the history and current situation of his research direction. Doctoral students will be presented with a dissertation at the end of the third semester. The author can enter the thesis writing stage through the arguer.

3. The duration of a doctoral candidate's work in scientific research and dissertation should not be less than two years. In the course of dissertation writing, the supervisor and the guidance team should regularly check the progress of the dissertation and ensure that the doctoral students finish the dissertation on time and quality.

4. Academic activities in order to improve the innovation consciousness and innovation ability of doctoral students, promote the doctoral student academic communication, familiar with the important academic problems of the subjects and the frontier problem, doctoral students took an active part in the high level academic conference, the academic discussion, cutting edge lectures and other activities. Doctoral students should make at least 2 academic reports or lectures on a certain range at school.

5. The thesis defense and degree awarding shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school.

6. Cultivation method.

The training of doctoral students is the combination of the tutor's responsibility and the group training. The doctoral supervisor group is composed of 3-5 doctoral supervisors and high level teachers in the discipline and related disciplines. Under the premise of ensuring the basic requirements of doctoral students, the steering group can adopt flexible and effective training methods to improve the quality of doctoral students.