Financial Management

1. Professional meaning

Financial management professional training have related financial, accounting, financial management and legal aspects of knowledge and ability, has the ability of accounting manual accounting, the accounting information system software application ability, capital raising, financial feasibility evaluation and analysis of financial statements, tax planning, provide directional guidance for corporate and personal financial decisions and the concrete method, can in the industrial and commercial enterprises, financial enterprises, public institutions and government departments to cultivate specialized personnel engaged in accounting, finance management.

2. Professional development.

The finance management major was approved by the ministry of education in 2007 and officially enrolled in September 2008. Currently, there are 595 graduates. To strengthen training of international financial management, financial management cooperation project of China and the United States in September 2013 began to recruit students, the introduction of the advanced higher education idea, the introduction of foreign teachers, the curriculum, such as high-quality teaching resources, promote the teaching and scientific research level of this major. In 2012 and 2015, the relevant professional accountancy was enrolled in the master of accounting and accounting major, and the whole system formed a relatively complete discipline system.

It is specialized in the futures and derivatives research base of shandong normal university and the institute of applied finance of shandong normal university, which is jointly constructed with Shanghai futures exchange.

3. Characteristic advantages

Internationalization features: cooperate with the United States east Tennessee state university, introducing the advanced higher education concept, introduction of foreign teachers, curriculum and other high quality teaching resources, pay attention to training students' internationalized vision and professional ability.

Characteristics: pay attention to practice on college teaching facilities to strengthen practice teaching, introduction of 19 well-known enterprises, financial institutions, certified public accountants, senior management personnel as a professional mentor, 31, such as waves, with public accounting firms to enterprises and institutions established good relations of cooperation between colleges and the practice base for students.

The combination of theory and practice of teaching staff: 81% of the teachers have a doctorate, respectively from Beijing university, tsinghua university, nankai university and other well-known colleges and universities, there are a number of teachers from large enterprises, Banks and other financial institutions, has rich experience in corporate finance and financial industry.

4. Training objectives

Financial management professional training with international vision, to adapt to the needs of the modern market economy, the humanistic spirit, scientific literacy and credit quality, economy, management, law and financial management knowledge and ability, can in for-profit and nonprofit institutions engaged in financial management and teaching and research work of applied, compound talents.

5. Distinguished scholars and professors.

Zhu renkui, professor, master, assistant dean of business school, director of finance and accounting department, master tutor. I have two decades of working experience in a large enterprise, and I have been the President of triplex group. The main research areas: the accounting computerization, the Internet accounting, financial decisions, such as software development has been leading the national science and technology research project, the ministry of information industry of electronic information industry development fund, the national development and reform commission, the enterprise information project, etc. Has for three consecutive years by jinan informatization leading group named "10 big software leader" of jinan, shandong province information industry hall named "leading software enterprises in shandong province", by the group provincial party committee, provincial economic and trade commission, the provincial industrial and commercial bureau, provincial sasac as the 13th ten outstanding young entrepreneurs ", "shandong province was selected by the provincial education department as" colleges and universities in shandong province innovation mentors ". To guide students to "create youth" shandong silver medal and bronze award each.

Zhao yubai, Ph.D., associate professor. Worked in Beijing for the same accounting firm; I have been responsible for the annual report audit of sinopec, sinosteel group and other enterprises such as the second business group, the total settlement of the three gorges project, and huaneng group, etc. The main research areas are accounting computerization (enterprise group centralized accounting system module development), capital market efficiency, etc., published more than 20 papers in public.

6. Overseas exchange.

Cooperation in running schools, to introduce the advanced teaching idea, the frontier of accounting theory and the open teaching method, the hospital in financial management, on the basis of ordinary undergraduate, positive and the cooperation with east Tennessee state university financial management professional, and obtain the ministry of education approval, formal admissions in 2013, it hired the professor Warren Frederick Mackara, Jill Kearns Hayter, 31 m to our teaching Ⅰ, Ⅱ accounting, economics, Ⅱ Ⅰ and business Ⅰ metering method, Ⅱ course, has to select excellent student 71 people to study communication at east Tennessee state university.

7. Excellent students

Wang xuelong, female, graduate student of accounting major of 2012, a member of the CPC, winner of "national scholarship for graduate students from 2013-2014". In 2008, I was admitted to the business school of shandong normal university, majoring in financial management, and then I was admitted to the graduate school in 2012. In the undergraduate stage, grade 5 was ranked in grade 5, and the comprehensive score was the top 5%. In the postgraduate stage, I was ranked the first in academic performance, the first in scientific research, the 1st in the comprehensive grade, and 3 papers in the core journals (1 in English). 2008-2009 academic year, won the "excellent league member" of shandong normal university, "first-class outstanding student scholarship", "outstanding student"; 2009-2010 academic year, won the "excellent league member" of shandong normal university, "first-class outstanding student scholarship", "outstanding student"; In the 2010-2011 academic year, I was awarded the "second-class outstanding student scholarship" and "outstanding student" of shandong normal university. Participated in the "challenge cup" series of science and technology innovation competition of university students, acted as the team treasurer, and won the special prize of shandong province and the national bronze award in the team entrepreneurship program. Shandong normal university 2012-2013 school year, "outstanding cadres", "outstanding student cadres", "outstanding graduate student", "outstanding graduate student first scholarship", "excellent league cadres", "campus practice advanced individual" title; The 2013-2014 academic year, won the "outstanding cadres", shandong normal university "outstanding student cadres", "outstanding graduate student", "outstanding graduate student pacesetter", "social practice advanced individual" title.

Liu yuan, female, 2013 financial management (sino-us cooperation) undergraduate, CPC probationary party member, "national scholarship of 2013-2014" winner. Since entering the school, I have ranked first in academic performance and moral education for two consecutive years, and won the first-class scholarship for outstanding students of shandong normal university for two consecutive years. Unite classmates, care and help difficult students, be rated as "excellent students colleges and universities in shandong province", shandong normal university 2013-2014 school year "excellent student", "outstanding student cadres", "outstanding communist youth league cadres", shandong normal university 2014-2015 school year "outstanding student cadres", "outstanding communist youth league cadres"; Have good coordination and organization ability, has organized the campus etiquette contest, line dance competition, business school "new talent show", "welcome party", "graduation" and "top ten singer competition", "China and South Korea song contest", such as large-scale activities, as well as broad organization to carry out a variety of class collective activities, "male and female festival", "professional development seminar" and a series of activities. Actively participate in social practice and activities. She won the first place in the women's 100 meters in the track and field games of the business school and the 1st in the women's 4x100m relay, and the 3rd in the women's 4x100m relay in shandong normal university. Actively participate in the "learn from leifeng volunteer exchange," left-behind children volunteer activities such as donating books, often use their spare time to "kangle old apartment communities" to service, won the title of "advanced individual" campus culture activities.

8. Employment orientation

There is a strong demand for the talent market, which makes the job prospects of financial management graduates broad. Over the past three years, the employment rate of financial management major has been above 95%. The employment industry or departments are concentrated in state-owned enterprises, organs, Banks, enterprises and other institutions. In terms of industry distribution ratio, the state-owned enterprises accounted for about 20%, organs and institutions is about 15%, foreign-funded enterprises is about 10%, colleges and universities, medical and health units, scientific research and design units, such as about 3%, admission to the graduate student is about 15%. Among the employment enterprises, there are some well-known enterprises and financial institutions such as wave group, shandong energy group, shandong high-speed group, lu shang group, and major Banks.

9. Employment prospects

The finance management major ADAPTS to the economic and social development demand, has been the hot major all the years. With the development of the socialist market economy, financial management plays more and more important role in enterprise management, applied, high-level financial management talents in shandong province, national and international has a larger gap of supply and demand, the specialized student employment prospect.

According to the investigation, the financial management major of our college is more recognized in the society, and all agree that the financial management major has a good job prospect, and the students' willingness to study in this major is higher. From the point of student enrollment, financial management professional since 2008 began to recruit students, almost every year the number of applicants will be far beyond plan, a volunteer and to report for duty rate can basically meet the rate of 100%, and admission scores are among the best in the school of professional and shows the students interested in the larger of the major. From the point of professional status, in a provincial undergraduate colleges, is equipped with professional financial management and recruitment of students school has 31, which has a master of accounting (MPAcc) only 9 points, shandong university, China ocean university, shandong university of finance and economics, shandong agricultural university, Qingdao university of science and technology, China university of petroleum (east China), industrial and commercial college, Qingdao in shandong university and shandong normal university. In terms of employment, both the employment rate and the final employment rate are high, which shows the strong demand of the society for financial management professionals.

10. Course setting

Professional core courses: western economics, management science, statistics, enterprise strategy management, management methods and principles of accounting, intermediate financial accounting, financial management, cost management, intermediate financial management, financial management, international finance, capital markets, financial analysis, investment, risk management, tax law and tax planning, asset evaluation, etc.

11. Cultivation model

The training mode of talent cultivation, "2+2" and "3+1" are combined.

Financial management specialty is a practical, should pay attention to cultivate and improve the cooperative education of production, study and mechanism, the specific performance in the following aspects: one is through the form of classroom teaching, case analysis, group discussion to teach students about economic management, financial accounting professional knowledge, for students to lay a solid theoretical foundation; The second is to invite external tutors (including the finance director of listed companies, partners of accounting firms, professors of accounting and accounting professors, etc.) to carry out special lectures and elite forums in our college; Thirdly, students should be arranged to participate in practical training in the internship base, and conduct field training on accounting theories, accounting procedures, investment and financing decisions, etc. The fourth is to arrange the students' accounting manual simulation, accounting comprehensive training, financial decision-making simulation experiment, enterprise research and other practical training, to cultivate students' operational ability.

Cooperation in running schools, to introduce the advanced teaching idea, the frontier of accounting theory and the open teaching method, the hospital in financial management, on the basis of ordinary undergraduate, positive and the cooperation with east Tennessee state university financial management professional, and obtain the ministry of education approval, formal admissions in 2013. The class of 2013 has more than 50 students studying at east Tennessee state university. There will be more than 60 students from 2014 to attend the school.

FIG. 7 sino-us teachers conduct business communication

Figure 8 American professors teach for students

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