Working Teacher

The business school has a team of teachers who are dedicated, virtuous and rigorous.There are 82 full-time teachers (including 16 full-time foreign teachers), including 10 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors and 9 master supervisors.There are more than 30 teachers with senior professional titles, and more than 10 professors from the United States and South Korea are invited to teach in the college.。

Single bit Name Gender Job title Other
school leadership Xia TongShui male Dean, professor Doctoral supervisor;Master tutor (accounting)
Liu ChangLun Male Secretary of the party committee
Chen Zhao male Deputy party secretary
Liu LiNa female Vice President, professor. Master tutor (accounting)
Li Ping male Vice President, professor. Master tutor (tourism management)
Zhou JiaXin male Professor
The office Zhao Ning male Office director
Han WeiNing female The executive secretary
Lv XiaoYing female Acdemic dean
Communist youth league committee \ academic affairs office. Tian HaiHua female Party secretary;School superintendent
Li Jian male The counselor
Sui ZhiQiang male The counselor
Gu JiaoJiao female The counselor
Ji WenFang female Counselor (postgraduate)
Wang HaoMin male The counselor
Yang Lu female The counselor
Real estate management department (10) Cheng DaoPing male Chair professor Master tutor (enterprise management major)
Xu Hong female Professor Master tutor (enterprise management major)
Chen XiaoZhen female A lecturer
Guo JinJin female A lecturer
Zou XiaoYan female A lecturer
Li Ying male A lecturer
Zhang Zhen male A lecturer
Li FeiFei female A lecturer
Peng ShanGui male A lecturer
LI JianChun male A lecturer
Zhang Miao female A lecturer
Department of tourism management Sun FengZhi female Chair professor Master tutor (tourism management)
Zhang Wei male Professor Master tutor (tourism management)
Yu Jie female Associate professor Master tutor (tourism management)
Sun Jing female Associate professor Master tutor (tourism management)
Pan HuaLi female Associate professor Master tutor (tourism management)
Xie XiaoJuan female Associate professor
Xiao GuangPing female A lecturer
Li DongCheng male A lecturer
Tian Lei male A lecturer
Han MiaoMiao female A lecturer
Qin XiaoNan female A lecturer
Xu AnXing male A lecturer Master tutor (tourism management)
Jia YanJu female A lecturer
Department of business administration Liu ZuanKuo male Dean, associate professor. Master tutor (enterprise management major)
Li ShouWei male professor Master tutor (enterprise management major)
Zhu LiLong male Associate professor Master tutor (enterprise management major)
Wang ChengLiang male A lecturer
Zhang HongYing female A lecturer
Fang YanJun female A lecturer
Wu MengNa female 讲师
Liu RongKun female A lecturer
Jiang DaoKui male A lecturer
Feng QiYun female A lecturer
Cai Li female A lecturer
Yang YanLing female A lecturer
Financial management and accounting department. Zhu RenKui male Dean, researcher. Master tutor (master of accounting)
Zhang XiaoYan female Associate professor
Li Yan female A lecturer Master tutor (accounting)
Wu YingYing female A lecturer
Liu Fang female A lecturer
Zhu HongHong female A lecturer
Cao Le female A lecturer
Song WenYang female A lecturer
Jin Zheng male A lecturer
Tian RuiYan male A lecturer
Chen ShuMan female A lecturer
Wang JinLei male A lecturer
Yuan WenHua female A lecturer
Zheng LuHang female A lecturer
Li Yang female A lecturer
Liu ChangYu female A lecturer
Dai HaiYan male A lecturer
Ma YanNi female A lecturer