School Profile

Business School Of Shandong Normal University

Above campus of shandong normal university business school is located in shandong normal university (no. 88 east road of jinan city culture) yifu building, school since its inception, always adhere to the people-oriented, take the student as this idea of teaching, pay attention to the quality of personnel training, setting hearts meet force, in the course of construction and development, has gradually become the school opening to the outside the window of the college and applied the cradle of talent training.

The college has four departments including finance and accounting department, real estate operation and management department, business administration department and tourism management department. The MTA has shandong normal university teaching center, MPAcc teaching center, the international MBA center, shandong normal university city and the quality of real estate research center, shandong normal university research center, shandong normal university tourism planning and consulting center (a class c qualifications of tourism planning) enterprise strategy research center, shandong normal university, shandong normal university institute of applied finance and futures and derivatives research base and so on teaching and research institutions.

The college has five undergraduate majors in financial management, logistics management, tourism management, business administration and accounting. In the level 1 discipline of management science and engineering PhD authorize consists of industrial organization and management control doctorate authorization secondary discipline, has a master's degree in business administration authorization first-level discipline, consists of accounting, business management and tourism management, and other three master's authorization center has a master of tourism management (MTA), master of accounting (MPAcc), tourist service vocational and technical education master three professional master enrollments; The discipline of "enterprise management" is the key subject of the 12th five-year plan of shandong province.

The business school has a team of teachers who are dedicated, virtuous and rigorous. There are 82 full-time teachers (including 16 full-time foreign teachers), including 10 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors and 9 master supervisors. There are more than 30 teachers with senior professional titles, and more than 10 professors from the United States and South Korea are invited to teach in the college.

In recent years, business schools have completed over 100 research projects, including more than 50 longitudinal projects. The total amount of scientific research is nearly 10 million yuan; More than 200 papers, including more than 100 of the C class; The author has completed nearly 100 works and applied research reports, including 20 books (department); More than 10 achievements have won the prize of outstanding scientific research.

College with South Korea, the United States, Spain, Canada, France and other countries more than 10 colleges and universities to establish a deeper exchanges and cooperation relations, the chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools project including logistics management bachelor degree (China and South Korea cooperation), financial management (sino-us cooperation), China and South Korea established colleges and universities cooperation with South Korea economic and cultural research association, academic journal "china-south Korea economic and cultural studies" at the same time. In recent years, a total of more than one thousand students to the United States, South Korea, Spain and other countries to study abroad for further study in university, received the south Korean foreign students more than two hundred people, with a total of more than ten teachers to teach at countries such as South Korea, the United States university communication.

In recent years, students have achieved good performance in major competitions in and out of school, and more than 40 people have been awarded national and provincial awards. More than 50 teams have won awards or scientific research projects in science and technology competitions above the university level. Five teams have won national scientific research projects, and more than 20 teams have won university-level scientific research projects. Won the champion in the school sports meeting in 2013 and 2014; Represented by characteristic of internationalization graduation ceremony of a series of student activities, are both included, qilu TV, and other popular newspaper supplement media reports and the high praise, produce good social repercussions.

For the future, school will continuously enhance the level of talent training, strengthen scientific research ability, positive economic and social development service, strive to build into a mainly applied senior specialized talents training, characteristic of internationalization, first-class, domestic famous business schools in the province, to make new contributions to local and national economic and social development.